Charity sailing cruises in Montenegro

Belouga is our fifty-foot sailing yacht cruiser called Hunter 50. It’s not only a safe and extremely comfortable way of getting around, but also an unbelievable source of pleasure and romance, a means of travelling, offering an incomparable feeling of freedom and unity with the waves. It’s a way of leaving the monotonous routine of life in stuffy towns, work stress and troubles behind the stern, exchanging them for the fresh air of the open sea, seeing dolphins at sunrise and, of course, the romance of sailing!

Click to see the detailed description, photos and interior plan of the yacht.

Charity jeep adventures in Montenegro

Our flagship off road vehicle is the legendary Nissan Patrol that is prepared for expeditions in the harshest conditions. Reinforced suspension, power bumpers, electric hoist and compressor, snorkel, enlarged the fuel tank and built-in water tanks, two berths inside and a double tent on the roof is just a partial list of additional equipment, which is equipped with our appliances. 



Why you should go to Montenegro in 2016 for vacation?
Why one should seriously consider Montenegro to become his preferred vacation destination for the summer 2016?
Why you should go to Montenegro in 2016 for vacation?